What We Do

In addition to rescuing horses, we do so much more!

Therapeutic riding lessons

During the summer months when the children are out of school, we provide therapeutic riding lessons to children with special needs. The children ride rehabilitated horses suitable for children to ride. Volunteers give of their time to be side-walkers and horse leaders for the private lessons. Click here for more...

Lessons are also provided to able-bodied riders during the summer months.  Lessons are private and given by certified instructors.

Volunteers help out

Volunteers help with keeping stalls clean, grooming horses, exercising horses, helping with veterinarian and farrier care and basic horse training.  Fundraising activities are organized and held at the Rescue.  They also help with potential adoptions for the horses, but the adoptions fall under strict guidelines.  For further information on adoptions, please contact the Rescue.

Volunteers at the Troublesome Horse Rescue help with a variety of chores for the horses. They include helping to keep each stall clean (always lots of fun!), exercising horses, medical care, fencing repair, filling in gopher holes in the fields (even more fun!), mailings, fundraiser preparation and any other chore that comes up. The Rescue would not be able to operate without the endless hours given to us by our volunteers. If you would like to join us please complete our volunteer application and mail it in to us. Click here for more pictures...

Private boarding and emergency evacuation

The Rescue is available for private boarding and is listed as an emergency evacuation site for  horses for both Grand and Summit Counties.  For further information on horse boarding and emergency evacuation plans, please contact the Rescue.

Events open to the public

The Troublesome Horse Rescue's indoor arena is open to the public year round for horse exercising and small events. We have an indoor 120 X 200 foot arena which is open to the public and for private use as well. Private horse exercises can be arranged throughout the year with a minimal charge of $10.00 per horse for the day. 4-H Clubs are also welcome to use the arena for their weekly events/meetings and there is no charge for 4-H Clubs. Fundraisers, weddings and dances are also welcome at the arena.

Our Rescue is an emergency evacuation location for area fires in both Summit and Grand Counties. For further event information for our arena use, please contact the Rescue.

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